Sunday, January 20, 2013

Lolita 52 Challenge #3

 #3 - What my own lolita lifestyle is like 

Iive never been a fan of the "lifestyle lolita" girls who seem to have some sort of superiority complex, like completely changing who they are to fit the ideal of a perfect princess, forsaking EGL because it's not 100% asspats, etc.
of course i enjoy "lolita" pastimes like shoving as much cake in my face as possible, drinking tea, and doing crafty stuff. but, i guess to me, a lolita lifestyle is one that is is hedonistic. it is selfish and self-satisfying to spend time, effort, and money on acquiring frilly dresses (i fully admit that i'm a selfish person).
lolita has probably made me more interested in clothing in general, and has introduced me to a lot of brands (lolita and non) that i probably wouldn't have heard of otherwise!
i have a really hard time meeting and connecting with people, but lolita has helped me to make friends. to be honest, i think all the friends i have now i met through some connection with lolita; whether they are lolitas themselves, (perhaps non-wearing) friends of lolitas, or no longer wear the fashion now.


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