Sunday, November 13, 2011


amazing parfait from milky way cafe in ikebukuro
they have a parfait for each astrological sign, and usually a few extra seasonal ones
good food and a variety of drinks too!
also an impressive fake food display of all their sweets
if you're in the neighborhood, be sure to stop by!

the apple pie jelly

it did actually taste like apple pie run through a blender
haven't been able to find this since :( blast


a seasonal drink from starbucks, released in convenience stores
not as delicious as i hoped!


i've really gotten into products from lush
while i don't buy into the "all natural" bs (a lot of their products still use synthetic ingredients/sls), they smell soo good
i got skincare gel (for oily skin) and some honey-scented lip balm

Saturday, November 12, 2011

helmut lang

last year i ventured to the helmut lang press room sale and ended up with quite a haul
2 jackets, cardigan,  & 5 tops all for about the price of 1 jacket and 2 tops retail

not too bad! 
they've had a couple since then but haven't found this amount of goodness
they had much more men's items than women's, especially samples
i'm a fan of helmut lang, especially the jackets. the design aesthetic is simple/minimalist but very flattering!
helmut lang is actually owned by link theory japan (that also owns theory)