Friday, April 13, 2012

patisserie swallowtail white rose

at shinjuku maruione, on the first floor, there is stand staffed by maids and butlers
it is an off-shoot of the famous butler cafe swallowtail
you can buy some of their cakes, pastries, scones, cookies, and jam
i got some cakes to try

it comes in a fancy box and bag

this one was called black rose
my favorite

newton, apple and caramel flavored
doesn't it look just like an apple?

i forget the name of this, but it was also very good
cream puffs filled with banana/chocolate cream and caramelized sugar

if you want to see the current list of cakes & other goodies at the maruione location
it is also the website for their (non butler service) cafe

and, their butler cafe!
i haven't gone there yet, looks super fancy though!
hear you have to make reservations a long time in advance


  1. This looks amazing. n An

  2. Omg the apple one is sooo beautiful!
    ANd The banana/chocolaty one looks yummy <3

    I'll try to test this when I'll be in Japan this summer =O