Sunday, February 12, 2012

8/11 misako's tea party

in august, my friend maki invited me to attend misako's tea party

having an event in august meant the weather was very hot and humid (i was really miserable in that dress)
but still, many lolita-chan came
the location was a club in kabukicho
it was near many host clubs and hotels, so we joked about wondering what would happen if a lolita went to a host club

we got to make ice cream sundaes

met these two cute girls!

there was a video of misako during some of her travels

misako appears

talking about visiting overseas

misako's quiz time

the winner received a prize

a promotional video for "world's grandest party of lolita - search for 2nd momoko ryuugasaki" contest

misako appears at various places from the movie

the video is here

misako chose a winner for "best dressed"
she was the best for the party theme of "pink"

my friend maki and i

everyone got to take a photo and chat with misako

she makes such cute faces

this was the first time i met kasane-chan and purin-chan!

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