Sunday, September 4, 2011

Tokyo Girls Collection A/W 2011

starting off with a bang... Tokyo Girls Collection A/W 2011 report!

what is TGC? approx 6+ hours of fashion shows, booths, music, etc

for this season it was in Saitama (can you still call it "Tokyo GC" if it's not in Tokyo?)

over 200 pictures ahead 

mah ticket from family mart

the journey to saitama nears its end


i was in the cheap seats, so apologies for some poor quality photos (plus photos weren't allowed so i had to be sneaky. it was all for you babes)

the theme for this season was 'Smile for [ ]'
in the booklet Super Arena was renamed Smile Area
for the opening, a video about the recent disaster was played
and the message to send a smile to the stricken area
the models said what they smile for (family, friend, everyday, you, etc) with a short explanation
a lot of the models seem to be half or Japanese mix, there were definitely some who were native english speakers
then some crazy lights and shit got started

The Night Porter
a "mix styling" of higher end brands (moussy, mcq, boy, etc)
lots of black, spangle, fur, military

The MCs
don't really know who they are. the male host did some creepin on the models/female guests

Ozoc had a special message from Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast

One Spo
One Spo showed their fall/winter look of military, fur, black, white, tartan, russian
the 109 store is having a renewal this month
Anna was the first model out, shame the pics turned out so blurry but she was damn fierce. ilu Anna

Vence Exchange
Vence had some fairly basic pieces, but showing fall trends
fur, tartan, black, the ever standard leopard
they killed my eardrums with Linkin Park though :(

Cecil McBee
oh shit who's behind that flag???
motherfucking seikei princess TSUBASA
Cecil McBee is a lower price point that most other gyaru brands (pieces are at least 1000-2000y cheaper on average) and they cover just about all trends and styles. probably why they're the best selling store at 109!

OWNDAYS is a glasses brand. Music performance with special guest "new half" Haruna Ai

at this point i went to go derp around the booths and stuff, so here's what i missed
beams, lovedrose&co, urban research, aquagirl
essentials (the hair products)
another live
serene dept
ikemen desu ne
some Korean dude
another damn live
tgc charity auction

booths weren't as interesting as S/S, less freebies at least :( boo
there was one that did hair/makeup, but i was wiggin and sweaty (this being eco energy saving stuff is killing me)
did take a photo with Momoko when she was at the Murua booth, but of course i look a whale next to her tiny self
got the new Murua iphone cover... yanno for whenever dinosaur me gets an iphone
sampled an "alcohol-free" cocktail, isn't it no longer a cocktail then? there were signs for only 20 and up though. but no alcohol? no comprende 
bought some snacks
filmed for Kawaii TV and Fashion TV, sure i look awkward as fuck
how can i not look stupid/awkward/whale-esque in photos and video? sigh

ANNA!!! and i think that's her son?
we all know H&M. but omg Anna. and those kid models. too cute!

next was a preview for a movie about building a school in Cambodia with some attractive actors that came out and said hello

Actus makes suitcases. they have some cute colorful ones!

the Exile girls 'E-girls' did a couple song and dance numbers. not a fan so no pics ^^;

Family Mart 30th Anniversary
Family Mart had a little skit about some new products. ice cream hat do want


mini Cirque du Soleil performance ;___; so cool


a short break with the creepy Tsu CM

Bonica Dot

recently opened in Lumine EST. fairy-like with girly clothes in an array of pastels

Honey mi Honey

love love love Murua

buy this damn book right now
you could win these blingin iphone cases if you do something with the Murua twitter acct
god Momoko is fabulous ;__;

there was a short preview of a new drama. can't remember the name exactly, something something Life of Mirei Shiritori? looks entertaining

it was getting pretty late by this point, i was tired, and takes about an hour to get home from Saitama, so i called it a night
missed American Apparel, yet another live, Beauty Bar Keita Maruyama, and the finale

overall fashion points for fall: fur, tartan, boots/booties, colored bottoms, wavy hair, hats (floppy and bowler), pearls, statement bags

thoughts? comments? favorite looks?

you can find out more about TGC including pics that are actually good quality at their website 

can't wait for next time!

now to do pages of japanese and calculus homework D':

* if you'd like to use any photos of mine, i'd appreciate it if you linked back to me!

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