Monday, September 19, 2011

Angelic Pretty uchimizu event

on 7/23, Angelic Pretty held an uchimizu event in the back streets of Harajuku
i believe some staff from Putumayo also participated
and a promotion for the new Mini Cooper

what is uchimizu? basically, sprinkling water on the streets in an effort to cool down
and believe me, it's damn hot in Japan right now ~_~
you can read more about uchimizu here

on to some photos

milling around for a bit as the event was late in starting

the GIANT line of lolitas. maybe 100 turnout?

i have no idea how they could stand the heat! i was super casual (jsk + leggings + sandals) and dying. there were even some girls really decked out in classic with giant bonnets, and some wearing long sleeves and knit sweaters. Japanese lolita are STRONG against heat

line down the other way

passing out water containers

while i was waiting, i met this super-sweet lolita named Maki! <3
i'm really not photogenic x__x;

finally coolin it down

all the gaijin were wondering wtf was goin on

i wish i could have dumped that over my head .___. haaaate Japan summer

think we were finally running out of water at this point

the street became a puddle! think the event staff measure that the temp lowered by .5 degrees. VICTORY

pic with the AP homegirls, my friend Maki, Rinrin, & some event staff

here is a video showing a bit more of the line
(not taken by me)


  1. Wow looks fun!! Must be great to get to see so many Japanese lolis

  2. heard that japanese people didn't sweat (bcause of some genes) so....